Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Country Bread Barn

Located in Clymer, PA

The first thing you notice when you step out of your car and into the parking area outside of County Bread Barn is the most aromatic, enticingly delicious smell of breads and pastries, and that is just in the parking lot!  Walking into the barn you will be hit full force with smells that awaken your senses and you’ll see Rose, Leah, or Susie Zook baking that day’s breads or pastries.  The Zook family started selling their homemade breads in 2011, the daughters, Rose and Leah, baked breads in the kitchen and sold the items outside of their house on the road under a canopy.  Once people started buying their baked goods, the family realized they needed more space.  That is when they moved their bakery into a barn just down the street from their home located in Clymer, PA, and it became The Country Bread Barn. 
Canned goods
The girls, Rose and Leah, along with their mother Susie, started selling at the Farmers’ Market in 2012 and are coming back again this year.  When asked how they got started selling their breads, Susie's response was short and simple, “My daughters enjoy baking.” I sampled their 7 Grain Bread and know that this is a vendor I will be shopping at a lot this season.  All of their baked goods are made from scratch with no preservatives.  Other than their various types of breads, including the very popular sweet breads, Country Bread Barn sells rolls, cinnamon buns, pepperoni rolls, fruit pies, gobs, and cookies, all made in-house.  They also sell homemade soups and salads in their store, as well as canned goods made by a cousin and a friend of the family.  The next endeavor for Susie and her daughters is looking into baking sugar free and gluten free baked goods.
If you visit the Country Bread Barn in the spring you’ll likely find strawberry rhubarb pie, and if you come back in the fall there will be plenty of pumpkin rolls.  They bring a selection of their baked goods to the market every Saturday, but if you want a larger variety you can head out to their store for pastries, cookies, and fresh out-of-the-oven daily baked breads.  They are open Wednesday 12:00-5:00 and Friday 9:00-6:00 and are located on 403 South, 5 miles from Clymer, PA by Penns Manor School.
Cookies galore

Products brought to the Market
(Saturdays Only):
Breads and Baked Goods

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